8 Days Flores Overland includes Wae Rebo to Komodo – LT08


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The most visited tourist spots in Flores are Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo. Both of them offer distinct attractions. Like the name cited, you can find many Komodo dragons in Komodo Island. What about Labuan Bajo? It features many beautiful landscapes and small islands.

Flores is so much more than those two, Nature lovers will find it anywhere such deserted islands with white sandy beaches to escape from the hassle of daily life, beautiful rice fields nestled among soft hilly landscapes, perfect for laid back stroll, a concert of birdsong in lush coffee plantations to soothe mind and swim in a hot spring, crater lake, or cool river after the volcano trek. There are so many places of Amazing natural beauty are waiting to explorer, the warm hospitality from the local will welcome you with open arms and heart warming friendliness, eager to share their fascinating way of life with you. During the trip you are accompany by private local guide which is well known about the island.


Day 1

On arrival at Maumere with your flight, you will meet our guide and visit Ikat Weaving Studio, Koka Beach and then directly escorted to Moni village for one-night stay. Lunch will be provided in Ikat Weaving Studio in Maumere & dinner is included at Kelimutu Eco Lodge Restaurant. Welcome to Flores Island.

Accommodation: Kelimutu Eco Lodge-Moni/similar

Day 2

At 04.00 AM, we’ll drive up to Kelimutu Volcano to enjoy the beauty of three colored lakes. On the way to Kelimutu Lake, you can see the beauty of numerous wonderful flora and fauna such as Casuarina tree, Rosewood, Edelweiss, Porcupine, Wild Boar, and "Gerugiwa" birds that rarely seen elsewhere. You will have breakfast and check out of the hotel, then continue our trip to Ende town & Riung for overnight in Riung. In Ende town, we will stop at the Bung Karno- The First President of the Republic of Indonesia Museum an extradition house during his years of exile in Ende. Ending the day with a visit to Penggajawa beach, the beach has plenty of spectacular blue stones. After check in at a hotel in Riung, our guide will escort you to the local restaurant for dinner.

Accommodation: Pondok SVD-Riung/similar

Day 3

After breakfast, we’ll start our tour by heading to Bena Village. We will explore the traditional ways of the Bajawa tribes. The Bajawa tribes preserve their ancestral spirits belief and way of life, which can be seen in their “Ngadhu” and “Bhaga”, a conical thatched roof hut which symbolized their Male and Female ancestral spirits. After a visit at Bena, we’ll continue our trip to Aimere to see the traditional distillation of Flores local alcohol, on the way we can stop at the slope of Inerie an active volcano for some pictures. From Aimere, we’ll go to Ruteng. Ruteng has a breathtaking mountain and beautiful panoramic landscape views. Stay overnight at Ruteng and dinner will be provided in a local restaurant.

Accommodation: Pondok SVD – Riung/similar

Day 4

After breakfast, you will go trekking for about 4 hours to the Wae Rebo village, with the most authentic housing of Manggaraian culture, which is located about 1100m above sea level. You will reach the village at noon and have lunch there. In the afternoon you will have the chance to get in touch with the indigenous people and experience their culture and lifestyle. Or you can enjoy and discover the great natural surrounding by going for another walk. Dinner and overnight will be at the local villager’s visitor house. Sleeping mattresses will be provided.

Accommodation: The local villager’s visitor house

Day 5

After breakfast in Wae Rebo, you will go back to Denge. We’ll continue from Denge to Lembor. Lunch will be provided in Lembor town. After lunch, we’ll drive to Labuan Bajo for an overnight there. Dinner will be provided in Kampung Ujung, a local culinary area in Labuan Bajo town.

Day 6

Breakfast at your hotel in the morning. Leave at 08:00 am from Labuan Bajo Port, directly heading to Kelor Island for snorkeling & trekking. Spend an hour up to two hours on each island to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and many varieties of fish, if you are lucky you might get to see Manta, stingrays. Next stop is Rinca Island. We’ll see the dragons and trailing the National Park to the top of the hill for a good view. Lunch & Dinner are included at our boat. The boat will be parked at Papagarang Island and we will stay on the boat. At 05.30 PM, we will see the Kalong (Bat) attraction.

Day 7

Leave early morning from Papagarang Island, directly heading to Padar Island & Komodo Island for trekking. Enjoy your breakfast cooked by our onboard chef before we leave. We’ll continue our trip to Pink Beach for snorkeling. Spend an hour up to two hours on each island to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and many varieties of fish, if you are lucky you might get to see stingrays, turtles, and school of dolphins. At the end of the day, we will sail to Kanawa Island. We will see the sunset on Kanawa Island. Lunch & Dinner are included on board the boat. The boat will be parked at Kanawa Island Port and we will stay on board the boat.

Day 8

In the morning you can do small trekking to see the sunrise in Kanawa Island then snorkeling around the resort. We will also visit Bidadari Island before sailing back to Labuan Bajo town. Spend an hour up to two hours on each island to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and many varieties of fish in Kanawa Island, if you are lucky you might get to see stingrays, turtles, and school of dolphins. After morning snorkeling we’ll sail to Labuan Bajo Port. Afterward, we’ll directly go to Komodo Airport for your flight to your next destination. Lunch is included on board the boat before you leave the boat. Thanks for your visit to Flores Island & Komodo National Park. See you next time.




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