Start the year off right. Go on an adventurous escapade to the amazing island of Komodo that’s a part of the magnificent Komodo National Park. Take a flight from Bali or Jakarta, or a ferry from Lombok to reach Labuan Bajo and then take a boat to Komodo Island, Indonesia. The Komodo National Park is nestled between the gorgeous islands of Flores and Sumbawa that are home to other great destinations worth exploring. Intrigued to find out where do the Komodo dragons live or what does the underwater mecca of Komodo Island looks like?

1| Perfect Location

The Komodo National Park is situated in the exotic East Nusa Tenggara province that recently topped the list of the Best Value Destinations in the World for 2020.

komodo 2020

Exuding surreal beauty, East Nusa Tenggara enchants travelers with its wealth of natural wonders and cultural delights. Grab the opportunity to lounge on the awe-inspiring beaches, snorkel the stunning reefs, stroll through the villages or witness the spectacular tri-colored lake of East Nusa Tenggara on your trip to Komodo and take your travel experience to a whole new level.

2| The Legendary Komodo Dragons

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Komodo National Park is home to the largest living lizards, the Komodo dragons.

komodo 2020

Visit the park for an awe-inspiring experience of a lifetime and watch the endangered Komodo dragons roaming in the wild. You can observe the dragons up close, but beware that these docile-looking creatures can be dangerous. Do make sure that you stay safe and take a guide along.

3| Ultimate Liveaboard Experience

The best way to explore the splendor of Komodo National Park is to go on a liveaboard diving adventure. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Komodo liveaboard options that offer a hospitable crew, experienced instructors, outstanding services, affordable prices, and a wide range of world-class dive sites.

komodo 2020

Plus you can enjoy so much in a short time: mind-blowing ocean views, incredible underwater life, brilliant sunrise and sunset views, exciting early-morning and night dives, amazing food, and the opportunity to see the rare Komodo dragons. Diving with manta rays, turtles, and sharks among the myriad of wonderful critters while being surrounded by beautiful corals is definitely a life-changing experience that cannot be missed.

4| Unspoiled Beaches

Find your own piece of paradise on the idyllic beaches of Komodo National Park. Be awed by the park’s tri-colored beaches: the dreamy pink, the sugary white, and the rare black-sand beaches.

komodo 2020

Laze in the sun, walk along the picture-perfect shorelines, admire the uninterrupted ocean views, enjoy a fresh coconut drink, take a relaxing swim, and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of these gorgeous beaches for an unforgettable beach retreat.

5| Rich Marine Biodiversity

Being a part of the Coral Triangle, the Komodo National Park happens to be one of the most diverse marine regions in the world.

komodo 2020

With the park sitting at the meeting point of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, a wide range of coral reef and tropical fish species flourish in the nutrient-rich water resulting in an unrivaled marine ecosystem showcasing an incredible amount of flora and fauna diversity. The vibrant underwater world of the park has great potential for underwater photography and undoubtedly offers the most fantastic marine life encounters in the world.

So unleash your love for adventure and head off to Komodo National Park for an unmissable travel experience in 2020. (Wonderful Indonesia)

Seeking a memorable holiday with a spiritual side? Well, the mystical charm of Borobudur beckons all adventure lovers. With a plethora of Borobudur tour packages to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Take a flight from Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya or Semarang to Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport or avail the train service that connects Yogyakarta to nearby cities. Hire a car or take a bus from Yogyakarta to reach Borobudur. And to maximize the 4D3N holiday experience here’s a Borobudur trip itinerary to help you:  

Day 1: Stroll, Eat and Shop

Arrive in Yogyakarta and explore the classical Javanese arts and culture of this bustling city. Browse around the iconic Malioboro Street that’s full of good shopping and good eats.

4d3n in borobudur

Buy some batik, rattan ornaments, silver jewelry, leather goods, or bamboo handicrafts at reasonable prices.

4d3n in borobudur

Sample the local delicacies like gudeg, bakpia, and ondeh-ondeh. Watch painters, performers, and musicians add color to Malioboro’s vibrant night-time atmosphere.

Day 2: Go Sightseeing

Start the day early and head off to Borobudur. Take in the scenic jungle landscape as you climb the stairs of the three-tiered Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

4d3n in borobudur

Watch the surreal sunrise over Borobudur with the majestic Mt. Merapi in the background and lose yourself in the moment. Admire the intricate artwork on the walls and sense the aura of serenity generated by the stupas and statues.

4d3n in borobudur

Visit the two nearby smaller temples, Mendut, and Pawon, located in a straight line with Borobudur. Mendut is the oldest, while Pawon is the smallest amongst this triad of temples that symbolize the phases in attaining nirvana.

Be awed by the Javanese temple architecture and head over to Ullen Sentalu Museum to pick up a taste of the traditional art and culture. Marvel at the relics and artifacts from royal houses and Kratons of Java.

Day 3: Feast Your Eyes on Nature

Trek to the top of Punthuk Setumbu to witness a sight that will leave you invigorated for the day ahead. Watch the rising sun cast golden hues across the sky as it emerges between the iconic Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, while Borobudur stands shrouded in a mystical mist. Capture the breathtaking panoramic views with your camera and continue walking to Gereja Ayam or Chicken Church that’s just a short distance away.

4d3n in borobudur

This prayer house resembles a giant chicken and is a popular photo spot. Climb up to the chicken’s crown for awe-inspiring 360-degree views of the surrounding forest and the distant mountains. Make way to Gunung Tidar, a small hill on the Kedu Plain. An extremely long series of steps take you to the top of this hill that’s believed to be the point where the gods stuck a nail to calm and protect Java Island. Discover more legends and myths as you visit the tombs and monuments on this hill. Enjoy the cool atmosphere and keep an eye out for the monkeys.

Day 4: Buy Some Souvenirs

Wondering where to buy the perfect souvenirs to take back home? Explore the traditional Beringharjo Market, the oldest market in the Kraton area that offers a vast range of goods including batik, clothing, traditional snacks, Javanese herbs, and antiques.

4d3n in borobudur

Shop to your heart’s content and taste local delights like the sweet es dawet, the pecel salad, and the crispy Tempe mendoan before it’s time to depart.

4d3n in borobudur

The exotic Elo River, the spectacular Sekar Langit Waterfall, and the impressive OHD Museum are other interesting places to visit in Magelang on your Borobudur tour. 

So book your tour package now and allow yourself to be recharged by an exciting 4D3N scenic holiday in and around Borobudur. (HR)

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