Bandung Culinary, From Various Street Food to Haute Cuisine

Many people visit the capital of West Java province to pamper their taste buds. You'll be amazed with what Bandung has to offer. From various food sold on street vendors to haute cuisine, every visitor will be able to find something to their liking here.

One of the most well known dish, timbel, consists of nasi timbel, lalapan, sambal dadak, a piece of chicken (fried or roasted Sundanese style), fried beancurd, fried tempeh, a slice of jambal (salted fish). Nasi timbel is a favorite among locals and visitors. Batagor baso tahu goreng (literally means, fried meatballs & beancurd) is one of the most well-sought specialty. Made from blended fish and beancurd, with a special peanut sauce, batagor's popularity remains constant.

People with sweet tooth might fancy pisang molen, Indonesian traditional pastry filled with banana and cheese. For a variation, try brownies kukus (steamed brownies). Es cendol, made of blended/grinded rice, palm sugar, and coconut milk, is delightful on a hot day. For a colder day, you might want a taste of bandrek or bajigur. Bandung also offers various milk products most notably, yoghurt. Basically there are two kinds of yoghurt in Bandung the thin one, and the thick one (French style).

Hot snacks a la Bandung are widely sold throughout the city. Among them are gehu-toge tahu (tofu with beansprouts and vegetables filling), pisang goreng (fried banana) and cireng-aci goreng (fried tapioca). You might be interested in trying other snacks such as, nangka goreng (fried jackfruit), peuyeum goreng (fermented cassava, fried) or nanas goreng (fried pineapple). Ketan bakar (roasted sticky rice) and jagung bakar/rebus (roasted/boiled corns) are also recommended.

Nasi goreng (fried rice), although not originally from Bandung, is always the locals' favorite. The ingredients vary, according to people's preference. Sometimes the rice is mixed with seafood (usually shrimps, pieces of cuttlefish, pieces of crab's flesh), chicken and vegetables, mutton and vegetables, salted fish, and so on.


Get Around

If you have multiple destinations in mind, you'd better rent a car for a day (or two). There are taxi services in major streets and malls. Other parts of the cities mostly use public transportation called angkot, which are only recommended if you actually live in Bandung.


Get There

Fondly called Parahyangan meaning, Land of the Gods, Bandung has both metropolitan and homey atmosphere at the same time. Full of eateries, factory outlets, and malls, many people find going on a trip to Bandung both enjoyable and memorable.

Ways to reach Bandung from Jakartamay be as many as to Rome, so to speak. You can ride trains, buses, or use the many shuttle services with hourly schedules. Flights are less favored because the time it takes to travel to Soekarno-Hatta Airport  and check in may take longer than travelling by car.

Being just an hour of ferry ride away from Singapore, Bintan has become one of the most popular destinations in the Riau Islands province. This tropical island offers a complete extraordinary package of landscape and water adventure one should never miss. Accommodating the experience, there are also many fascinating inns and hotels with a wide range of budgets from backpackers, family-friendly, to business leisure.

1. Beanbag Bintan Backpacker

A tight budget doesn’t have to mean less-fun when in Bintan. Socialize during your stay at Beanbag Bintan Backpacker, where sharing is caring. In true backpacker style, it has a shared bathroom, kitchen (including microwave), TV, and a BBQ area.

beanbag bintan

Image by beanbagbintan

Choose from the many recreational activities, but cycling along Trikora Beach is usually the number one choice. Book your bunk in the mixed dormitory now and make friends from all around the world!

2. D’ Bamboo Kamp

There’s also D’ Bamboo Kamp that sits on a vast 13-hectare area, which offers an affordable glamping experience right in the middle of Mother Nature’s beauty. Prepare to experience an abundance of activities such as horse riding, fishing, mountain biking, and even a mangrove tour. Only a 50-minute drive from New Bintan Resorts International Airport, D’Bamboo Kamp offers iconic scenic walks among the grounds and also Lagoi Bay day tours.

3. Marjoly Beach Resort

Wanting a more private and low-key stay? Marjoly Beach Resort is a fan favorite with its private beach and serene surroundings.

marjoly bintan

Image source by newmarjolybeachresort

Just a 30-minute drive from the Raja Haji Fisabillah airport, guests have raved about its beachfront views and found it a perfect getaway to relieve stress. Sleep in one of the thirteen standalone bungalows by the beach and dine under the stars during your stay.

4. Mutiara Beach Resort

Last but not least for the adventurers is Mutiara Beach Resort, in the Teluk Dalam area. Founded in 2005, it started out as an internationally known Alor Merah river spa which is still sought out amongst day-trippers.

Nestled amongst mangroves with an eco-friendly approach, guests are treated to a bunch of sea-based activities (snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding) and land-based ones (road biking, volleyball). Its 8 hectares of coconut plantation lands provide the tranquillity needed for a spiritual getaway.

5. Natra Bintan

Bringing family? Options are plenty! One favorite is Natra Bintan, where you can enjoy "glamping" in one of the 100 safari-themed tents, complete with outdoor rainforest showers.

natra bintan

Image by natrabintan

With views of a pristine man-made Crystal Lagoon, there’s fun for all ages such as exploring the mangrove park by kayak, ATV rides, and even experience the thrilling Jetovater! It’s worth the 1-hour drive from New Bintan Resorts International Airport to experience an all-round rest, relax, and recreation-filled stay.

6. The Angsana

Boasting a 1.5-kilometer private beach, The Angsana is sure to treat you and your loved ones well. Not only is there a Kid’s Club, but The Angsana also has a dedicated conservation lab for the more curious and concerned guests.

Soak up the sun, take a walk in the rainforest or tea-off at the award-winning Laguna Golf Bintan; whichever you choose, you’ll find it here. A stay in the Island Family Suite is a perfect fit for all!

7. Cassia Bintan

Missed out on a room at The Angsana? Head on over to its colorful, apartment-style neighbor, Cassia Bintan. Part of the Laguna Bintan Integrated Resort, golf lovers will still be able to experience the renowned Laguna Golf Bintan.

cassia bintan

Kids under 12 years old enjoy free meals and will definitely love the Kid’s Club; turtle feedings, nature walks, arts and crafts… You’d want to join them if not already having the time of your life at Bintan’s first-ever beach club, XANA, with a barbecue buffet dinner to die for!

8. The Anmon Resort Bintan

For a more unique experience of sleeping inside a teepee, head over to The Anmon Resort Bintan. Also located at the Crystal Lagoon, the resort is home to 100 deluxe teepees, each a spacious 45 sqm plus a private patio.

anmon bintan

Image by theanmonresortbintan

Earthy tones and décor will be the backdrop of most of your holiday photos until you choose to participate in many of its activities. With a large outdoor pool and buggy service to take you all around the grounds, you’ll probably end up extending your stay here!

9. The Sanchaya

Seeking to splurge? We've got the crème de la crème for your Bintan holiday. The Sanchaya is first on our list, with 13 villas and 17 suites that come with endless ocean views. Pamper yourself in the middle of lush gardens in one of the Balinese spa’s outdoor cabanas. Being a member of The Small Luxury Hotels of the World, you’re sure to be indulged within its blend of Asian-European art and interior design.

anmon bintan

The Dining Room and the Tasanee Grill feature fine dining options at its best, and their very own wine cellar - Decanter, will leave you breathless. You can even organize your very own tastings and pairings with the in-house Dutch Sommelier. Get around the grounds on a complimentary bike, swim in the Olympic sized pool, or bask in the sun at Lagoi Bay; it will feel as if you’re living on your own 9.6-hectare private island.

10. Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Bintan is also a favorite for those in search of lavishness. Book your own Balinese traditional-styled villa with cliffside views to enjoy days of private beaches, authentic Thai cuisine at the award-winning Saffron restaurant, and an abundance of water sports activities to choose from at the marine center.

banyan tree bintan

Image source by banyantreebintan

Getting around is easy with on-call buggy service, but on days you just want to relax, just step out onto your private balcony that boasts an open-air relaxation pool with a Jacuzzi option. You’ll be able to fully relax and unwind thanks to pampering at the spa with traditional Indonesian ingredients. It’s the ultimate resort escape.

11. Nirwana Resort Hotel

With 242 guestrooms, Nirwana Resort Hotel is ready to become your second home during your Bintan holiday. Its Mediterranean feel will definitely give you holiday vibes, especially when lounging around the beachside infinity pool complete with a Jacuzzi and even a water polo pool. You can also enjoy a beachside massage in one of their huts.

nirwana bintan

Guests raved about the Resort Centre, where there is an abundance of activities to choose from. Not to forget, the Sea Sports Centre, which provides options such as parasailing, banana boat, and scuba diving. As for food, have no fear - The Poolside Restaurant has buffet dinners on Fridays and Saturdays, and during other nights it becomes an al-fresco style food village, complete with entertainment!

12. The Residence Bintan

Last but not least on our list is The Residence Bintan, which oozes indulgence with lux 127 terraces and villas, green gardens to stroll around in and blue bays as far as the eye can see. Pamper yourselves at the British spa brand, ila, before enjoying dinner at the beloved Rica Rica that specializes in Indonesian dishes.

residence bintan

Image source by theresidencebintan

They also offer cooking lessons where one can learn the famous Soto Medan, and Satay Lilit with Sambal Matah. When done dipping in the infinity pool, why not try snorkeling at Mapur Island, only 20 minutes away. Exploring the mangroves on kayak or quadbikes is also available. Guests have commended the 5-star service given by The Residence, which is why we highly recommend the experience.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to book that Bintan holiday you've been dreaming of!

“To travel is to live.”

Kick-start your New Year with a one-of-a-kind experience in Bali. Whether you’re a romantic couple, a curious solo traveler, or a fun-seeking group of friends, Bali’s charm, hospitality, and spirituality offer unique authentic experiences for everyone. Easily accessible by air and sea, Bali greets travelers from all over the world. The Ngurah Rai International Airport is connected to several cities inside and outside Indonesia via daily domestic and international flights. Taking a ferry from Lombok or Java is another convenient way to reach Bali. Located east of Java and west of Lombok, Bali allows easy access to other exotic destinations in Indonesia. Take inspiration from this quick Bali travel guide to organize your Bali itinerary and find out more about what makes Bali unique here: 

1| Well-Recognized & Highly-Acclaimed

Widely acknowledged as a world-class destination, Bali has been repeatedly honored with a number of prestigious travel awards.

bali 2020

The luxury accommodations, the magical landscape, and the great gustatory experiences offered by Bali make it a favorite among travelers of all kinds. The magnificent temples, the opulent spas, the contemporary clubs, and the exotic culture add to the allure of Bali making it an ultimate tropical vacation getaway.  And with new exciting experiences being introduced regularly, Bali just keeps growing in popularity.

2| A Genuine Balinese Experience

Come as a visitor and leave as a friend. The wonderful friendly people, the unique culture, and the rich traditional heritage of Bali provide an authentic Balinese experience that gives you a remarkable insight into the local way of life and helps you make new friends.

bali 2020

An eclectic mix of Hindu-Buddhist and local customs, the Balinese culture is known for its art performances and ceremonies. Daily offerings to gods and finely-crafted sculptures are a common sight in Bali. Various Balinese festivals give you the opportunity to learn more about the traditional rituals that exist in Bali. The mouthwatering Balinese cuisine is another important part of the local culture that makes travelers fall in love with Bali.

3| Top-Notch Accommodation Choices

A delightful stay makes a trip special. From luxury to affordable, Bali offers a plethora of lodging options that are unmatched in elegance and comfort.

bali 2020

The wide range of choices from boutique hotels to fascinating resorts, to beachfront villas and cozy homestays impress travelers with their high-quality services and hospitality. These accommodations provide a myriad of facilities and amenities to meet the needs and expectations of various types of tourists, making their stay a memorable one.

4| Diverse Entertainment

Whether you have a thing for serene mornings or crave the vibrant nightlife, the excitement never wears off in Bali, because the island never sleeps.

bali 2020

The lovely Bali mornings boast peaceful sunrise views, magical landscapes, an incense-laden atmosphere, and busy traditional markets. The lively Bali nights offer stunning sunsets, night safaris, night markets, dinner cruises, amazing nightclubs, traditional dance performances, cabaret shows, and live music venues. From invigorating early-morning vistas to crazy late-night parties, the abundance of entertainment options in Bali will leave you overwhelmed.

5| Natural Abundance

Beyond the gorgeous beaches, there are plenty of natural wonders to explore in Bali. A true nature’s paradise, Bali is blessed with natural forests, lush rice fields, majestic mountains, mystical waterfalls, and rich marine biodiversity.

bali 2020

The sheer beauty of these picturesque natural attractions captures the heart and the imagination and makes you wanna seize the moment as you rejuvenate your soul with the healing power of nature.

The fairly consistent climate of Bali makes it a good year-round destination, which means any time is a fine time to visit. And remember, the exceptional traditional dishes are a must-try on your Bali trip.

Bali 2020

So grab your bags, and go enjoy the hospitality and natural splendor of Bali now!

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