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“Boutique Vessel” we call it!! Cajoma IV is one of the most comfortable vessel for leisure and diving. Handcrafted iron wood & teak, you will enjoy the charm of a traditional boat combined with the comfort of a modern one. Designed for 10 persons, with Suite Room have own private balcony, luxury amenities and Jacuzzi in upper deck with stunning sunset views, read a book, enjoy a cold beer or pick up some cooking tips from the on-board chef. Meals will be a selection of freshly-cooked Indonesian and Western meals, along with the catch of the day, and freshly snack and treats throughout the day. From Cajoma IV Liveaboard guests can dive and snorkel the amazing and diverse dive sites of Komodo.

Boat Specifications :

  • Length : 30 meters, width 6 meters,
  • Materials : teak and ironwood.
  • Capacity : 110 tons, built : 2015,
  • Speed : ±8-10 knots /hour,
  • Main engine 8DC9 Mitsubishi, 2 x 25 KVA generators+ 2 x 25 KVA Dynamos,
  • 4 Solar cells,
  • Inverter 5.000 volt,
  • 24 life jackets,
  • 4 lifebouys,
  • 1 life raft (15 people),
  • GPS, Radar, Radio service and compass
  • Water Maker, 10.000 liters fresh water.

Diving facilities :

  • 1 compressor Bauer Poseidon with 2 filters
  • 22 tanks
  • Weights
  • Weightbelts
  • Snorkeling gears , there are 10 crews on the boat.

Ready for Action?

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Let's Go!
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