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MV. CAJOMA DIVE is a modernized traditional wooden Indonesian sailing boat that was designed with groups of divers in mind for safety and enjoyment. The boat was built in 2017, equipped with modern marine safety equipment and an extremely experienced sailing & dive crew in accordance with marine tourism guidelines.

Provides shelter from the weather and is likely to have various facilities such as a toilet and a small kitchen to cater for the guests and crew. also dining tables. Boasting a spacious upper deck,Cajoma Dive is well fitted for guests to relax, and enjoyed the sun and wind in absolute comfort.

We offer daily dive trip for certified divers only. Non divers still can joint some dive trip as snorkelers or scuba diving under direct supervision of our instructor. Your Gateaway into the underwater world, Diving for every level - beginners, advenced, open water, rescue divers course and profesional dive master. experience the most unforgettable diving that our Komodo waters world class diving.

Our day trips leave Labuan Bajo at 7.30am and return around 4pm. This gives you time for a fun diving day trip of 3 dives, or 2 dives plus a Komodo Dragon tour.

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